StringMatch Pro - Extract terminology and repetitive strings with ease


StringMatch Pro analyzes a single text file to
- find repetitive strings (Repetitions mode), or
- help you extract the terminology (Terms mode).

In Repetitions mode, StringMatch Pro can perform fuzzy matching based on 'synonyms' you specify: if two strings only differ in such synonyms, they will be reported as repetitive.

In Terms mode, StringMatch Pro will find all unique strings in the text file. This is combined with a word elimination feature to extract the terminology.
The approach used for terminology extraction is straightforward, extremely flexible, and easy to use. You have complete control over what it does and how.
And it takes most of the tedium out of the task, letting you focus on what matters: the terminology.

The program is very fast: analyzing a few hundred thousand words takes under 3 seconds. (It was not easy finding large enough text corpora for speed testing.)